Emersion Overview

In designing our software and business solutions the Emersion philosophy is based on supporting our clients with the following fundamental belief:

Emersion’s solutions must provide improved business awareness, adaptability, operational efficiency, and hence, flow-on cost savings and an improved competitive position to our clients – freeing them up to focus on the activities that really matter most to them; Business Growth through Product Development, Sales, Marketing, Support and Customer Management.’

We deliver on this primarily through empowering our clients, putting them in control of their business processes. Instantaneous information is provided at your fingertips which is timely, accurate and flexible through our easy to use platform without cutting corners or compromising on quality or efficiency.

Emersion delivers the perfect combination of power, innovation, flexibility, rapid processing and ease-of-use which makes the Emersion® Umbrella System the ideal solution for any business. It is feature rich and extremely robust with a highly intuitive interface.

Emersion® Umbrella System – Flexibility with the Power to Perform

The Emersion® Umbrella System was developed specifically to satisfy the needs of service providers selling complex products and services. The unique Emersion® Umbrella Architecture allows products, services and packages to be created, provisioned, billed and managed as an end to end process using our Workflow Manager. This one Umbrella System will allow a service provider to be more efficient and reduce the human resources requirement to manage their operations, whilst providing complete control over customers and services through a single interface.

The Emersion® Umbrella System comprises of core systems and a number of modules that interact with each other via the Umbrella Architecture and external systems utilising the Batch Mediation System and Real-time Integration Management System.
Sitting at the core of the Emersion® Umbrella System is the:

  • Customer Management System
  • Accounting & Ledger System
  • Credit / Risk Management System
  • Payment Management System
  • Report Management System
  • Event and Notification System
  • Subscription Services / Package Catalogue
  • Subscription Management System
  • Service Configuration System
  • Rating System
  • Product Catalogue
  • Purchasing Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Storage Management System
  • Provisioning System
  • Mediation System
  • Workflow Management System
  • Security and Permission Management System

Emersion’s interface makes ordering, provisioning, and billing of products and services effortless. The Umbrella System guides the user through the service qualification and ordering process, removing the confusion, complication and costly re-entry of information.

Customer invoices are generated automatically for all charges associated with their services.

The Emersion platform Batch Mediation System and Real Time Integration Manager interfaces with multiple market and service providers, internal and customer management systems using different communications protocols, such as web services (XML and SOAP) and FTP. CDRs and RADIUS data usage are retrieved from the service provider without user intervention.

Emersion’s dynamic  Billing Sub-System allows plans for all types of products and services to be created. The Rating component allows rate cards to be created and managed to associate with plans, including shifting rates based on time, quantity or usage, block partitions, and traffic zones.

The Billing Engine integrates with the Invoice Generation system to automatically generate invoices for customers, whether they are service providers or end users. A single, unified bill is presented, showing customers’ packages, services and charges.

Customers may view their bills on-line through the End User Portal  and/or receive them via email in PDF format. Emersion also supports integration to external mail houses for paper invoice generation and posting.

Teamed with the other system modules for Customer Management, Provisioning, Payment Services, Data Retrieval and Verification, the Emersion platform developed on the Emersion Umbrella Architecture, provides a degree of flexibility rarely seen in services of this kind to date.

Emersion meets the requirements of even the most demanding clients:

  • Improved efficiency – provisioning, billing & support all through one system (no double entry)
  • Flexible pro-rata billing, rating and invoicing solutions, bundling, credit management and customer management solutions
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Customisable Workflows
  • Documentation and training
  • Scalable, available and secure, ready to go equipment, software and solutions
  • Support backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreement

We provide business analysis, solution design and project management.  Contact us for a tailored solution.